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Inside The Product:
What To Love About The Off The Top Program
  • 1 Membership Level For Now...
    • Unlimited Monthly Training
    • -- $12.95 a month. - Your Affiliate Commission after Clickbank takes its $1.91 is: $5.52 USD per month
      (Sell 1,000 memberships and make $5,520 a month as long as your members stick with the program). 
    • Pro Full Lifetime Freestyle and Songwriting Training: 
    • -- $97 per sale - Your Affiliate Commission after Clickbank takes their $7.79 is : $66.91 USD per sale
    • Total = up to $66.91 per sale... More upsells coming soon...
  • Top Features
    • Only Guaranteed Freestyle Rapping Program 
      People all around the world will learn how to start freestyle rapping in less than 10 minutes with this top program on Udemy. Currently ranked the number one rap program on Udemy since 2014.
    • Pro Members Get Lifetime Access To Songwriting Coaching
      You can start learning how to write songs like the pros with these organized and clever songwriting tips.
    • Live Songwriting Course
      Join us as we write a song live using the skills taught in the program. 
    • Huge Freestyle Rapping and Songwriting Community
      Get access to a positive community full of songwriters and freestyle rappers where you can promote yourself and get tips for improving songwriting from 100's of members. 
    • Private Facebook Group
      Get access to a private facebook group where you can ask questions and request new training videos on whatever songwriting or rapping challenge you are having. New training videos are posted every two weeks. 
    • Advanced Rapping Skills
      Learn skills and challenges that will up your rap game a million percent. 
    • Battle Rap Live
      If you're feeling super confident you can get referred to a live battle rapping site where you can rap over beats via web cam with people all over the world.                                 
    • We got you covered
      Whether you prefer reading an e-book, audio books, or video courses. It's all included the Off The Top Program. We also include a few beats but recommend just rapping for free over Dj Premier instrumentals on Youtube. 
    • Helpful Videos You Can Use: Feel free to send people to these videos first before sending people to the sales page for higher conversions:
    • Recommended: The first video is the most recommended as affiliates have seen the highest conversions from sending people to this video first before they go to the main sales page.
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Cut & Paste Email Swipe Copy For More Sales

Don’t worry about writing copy to promote Off The Top Program. We’ve done it for you. Click the button below to download our Sales Swipe Copy with step-by-step instructions that make things even easier.

Email #1 

SUBJECT: [TRAINING] Learn how freestyle rapping  can help with song writing. 


My friend Pat learned how 
to freestyle rap and then started
writing hundreds of guitar, folk, 
rock and rap songs.
> Link here:

He credits freestyle rapping 
for helping him conquer his fear of 
writing and performing original music

Now he's paying it forward by teaching 
people how to freestyle 
rap live in this video:
> link here:

See how they do. 

Hope this helps,
- Your Name

Email #2 

SUBJECT: He taught his grandma how to rap with this

My homie Pat taught his grandma how to rap with 4 (simple) steps. 

Check out the video here:
=> Affiliate link here

He's taught 100's of foster kids and adults how to start rapping and it works like crazy. 

Watch him teach his grandma here:
=> your link here

Take care,

Email #3

[Subject: Freestyle Rapping Cures Writers Block?]

[body copy]

My friend Pat has written 100's of songs and he says he's owes it all to learning how to freestyle rap when he was 16
> link here:

He's written folk, grunge, rap, and electronic music and it all started with the 2 golden rules.

He's giving away the 2 golden rules that helped him conquer his fear of singing and rapping in this video:
> link here:


Email #4

[Subject: Teach your friends how to rap in 4 steps?] 

[body copy]

What if you could teach your friends how to rap in less than 10 minutes?

I'll tell you what...

You guys will be having a lot of fun on road trips.
>link here:

Watch this video to get the 4 steps that 
will teach your friends how to rap in less than 10 minutes.
> Link here:

Even his grandma was able to start rapping 
after going through these 4 steps. 

Hope you like the video,

Email #5

[Subject: Trick anyone into start rapping with this...]  

My friend Pat just released
these 4 steps that can teach anyone... 

...(even his grandma)...

How to freestyle rap.

Watch the video here:
> link here:

It works.

Email #6

What everybody ought to know about Freestyle Rapping]


Did you know that...

freestyle rapping can cure wriiters block?

No matter what genre of music you're into

Learning how to freestyle rap can help you immediately 
relieve stressers of daily life...

...so you can get back to coming up with new and fresh ideas.

Watch this video to add this skill to your songwriting tool belt. 
> link here:


Use This Social Media Swipe Copy To Promote Our Sales Page

Use our pre-written Tweets and Facebook updates to get your social audience joining Off The Top Program. Feel free to sprinkle in your personality!

Learn how you can use freestyle rapping to write songs in any genre here: [INSERT AFFILIATE LINK HERE]
Freestyle Rapping cures writers block? @[INSERT NAME] Check it out: [INSERT AFFILIATE LINK HERE]
Learn How To Freestyle Rap in Less Than 5 Minutes Here... Check it out: [INSERT AFFILIATE LINK HERE]
Check out these freestyle rap tips to start flowing your own songs: [INSERT AFFILIATE LINK HERE]
Instantly start flowing your own songs without having to study a dictionary or practice for years [INSERT AFFILIATE LINK HERE]
3 Tips To Start Freestyle Rapping And Flowing Your Own Songs Today...: [INSERT AFFILIATE LINK HERE]
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- Pat